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Scratching noises coming from the walls? Soft pitter patter heard in the attic? Animal droppings found around the house? You may have a critter problem. At Critter Control of Colorado Springs, we handle all types of animal removal in the area. When you call on our professionals at Critter Control, you can have peace of mind knowing all our technicians are certified wildlife specialists.

We encourage you to contact our team as soon as possible for animal removal in Colorado Springs. Our experts are here to provide humane, safe, and eco-friendly removal and management services. We handle everything from slithering critters to pesky rodents, so don’t hesitate to call.

Leave your wildlife problem to our critter control technicians if you have issues with any of the following:

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Critter Control of Colorado Springs is a part of the local community. For years, the wildlife experts at Critter Control have gone above and beyond to keep our communities safe. We are leaders in wildlife and pest control, providing reliable, efficient, and eco-conscious services you can depend on. Our team is here to help you get rid of pests that have stayed well past their welcome in your home or place of business, using the most humane removal practices.

For our team, blending ecologically responsible practices with removal solutions that are truly effective is our main focus. If you have an animal control emergency, you can be confident turning to Critter Control of Colorado Springs.

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At Critter Control, we are much more concerned with the long-term effectiveness of our services than your average pest control company. We are committed to providing guaranteed customer satisfaction for any animal removal service in Colorado Springs and remain available around-the-clock to take your call.

From initial critter removal to follow-up management and treatments, give Critter Control a call at (719) 419-8845.
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