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Bird Intrusions In Colorado Springs


Birds sometimes build nests in chimneys and gutters, which can create a big mess on your property! At Critter Control, we relocate bird nests away from your home and can help you implement bird proofing measures to make sure these feathery intruders stay away.

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Bird Removal in Colorado Springs

You Don’t Have to Live with a Bird Infestation

From feathers to acidic droppings to parasites to nesting materials and unsightly appearances, birds can cause a load of problems. If you are dealing with a major bird infestation, it is time to call on the professional. Critter Control is here to help you tackle big and small bird problems alike. We can handle all types of bird invasions, including pigeons, crows, blackbirds, swallows, starlings, sparrows, and more.

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Damages Birds Can Cause

If you are frustrated over these feathery squatters, it may be time to take action. At Critter Control, we know how frustrating a bird invasion can be.

Birds can be a nuisance by:

  • Eating agricultural products or plants
  • Nesting around your house or living areas
  • Causing damage to vegetation/gardens
  • Contaminating foods and living areas
  • Leaving feathers and droppings everywhere
  • Causing unpleasant odors and noises
  • Carrying diseases and parasites
  • Causing damage to concrete, stone, and metal with droppings

The sooner you call on Colorado Springs bird removal specialists at Critter Control, the sooner we can restore your property and peace of mind.

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Making Your Property Bird Proof for the Future

Thoroughly exhausted from your most recent bird invasion? The good news is that Critter Control of Colorado Springs is here to help you prevent the issue from happening again! We offer bird proofing services in Colorado Springs to ensure your property is no longer a safe haven for feathery pests. We implement deterrents, exclusions, and/or modifications of building and homes in some cases. Our knowledgeable Colorado Springs animal removal experts can help you craft the perfect solution for your space.

Time to schedule bird removal services in Colorado Springs? Critter Control handles everything from removal to property repairs to future prevention. Call (719) 419-8845!