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Raccoons are curious and mischievous creatures who like to venture into urban and suburban areas in search for food and refuge. They are great climbers and may dwell in your attic, under the porch, or in a basement. Raccoons can make a mess of garbage and cause some structural damage when they try to enter buildings and houses. For a solution to a raccoon invasion in your home, call our animal removal specialists at Critter Control.

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Heard scurrying in the attic or crawlspace? Noises coming from the chimney? Furry bandit lurking under your home? If you have a raccoon problem, Critter Control of Colorado Springs is ready to help. Raccoons can be dangerous and aggressive. They are on the larger size in regards to wildlife that commonly invades homes and commercial properties. If you discover a raccoon problem, leave it to the professionals!

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Raccoons are commonly sighted in residential areas, adapting to residential areas by digging through garbage cans, stealing pet food, and other resources. They are clever animals that can lift handles, tear through bags, and do anything to find the perfect home or a tasty meal.

Why you need to get quick raccoon removal services in Colorado Springs:

  • Raccoons are nocturnal creatures that create the most disturbances at night
  • They carry rabies, which can be a deadly disease
  • Raccoon feces often have toxic spores, parasites, and diseases in them
  • They are not afraid of humans and are bold in taking food and shelter
  • Raccoons have sharp claws, which means they can cause damage—to you and your property

If provoked, a raccoon can become aggressive and dangerous. Our team at Critter Control of Colorado Springs is made up of professional raccoon trappers. We use only humane methods and help you repair any damages, as well as seal up potential entry points to prevent future invasion. From advising you on better food storage to handling structural damage, we take everything into consideration.

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We know that discovering a raccoon has made themselves comfortable in your home can be frustrating and a little scary. That is why we are here for you! Our local Colorado Springs animal removal specialists have years of experience and guarantee your satisfaction with our services.

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