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Think your property may be infested by pests? At Critter Control, we handle all types of unwanted insects. Our experts provide eco-wise bug extermination in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. Our goal is to create an immediately effective and long-lasting solution to your pest problem, whether spiders, scorpions, or other creeper crawlers.

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Types of Bugs / Pests We Handle

No one likes getting ready for bed, only to see a spider crawling on the sealing or cleaning up the kitchen, only to see a trail of ants marching back outside. When you are dealing with insect problems, it can be tempting to go to the store and buy cheap repellents, poisons, traps, and other short-term solution products. Instead of putting your faith in products found on shelves, trust the bug extermination experts at Critter Control.

Critter Control of Colorado Springs is here to help eliminate the following:

  • Ants
  • Wasps, bees, and other stinging insects
  • Mosquitos
  • Fleas, mites, ticks (as a sign of animal intrusion)
  • Spiders
  • Scorpions
  • Various other pests

We offer eco-wise pest services for both commercial and residential properties. The presence of parasites can also indicate wildlife intrusion. We can tackle both bug extermination and critter removal. Our specialists help you build the blocks for better pest management in the long-term.

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If you notice a potential insect infestation, don’t wait to get professional help! You need to take steps for fast and effective remediation—before the problem becomes even worse. Our team is extremely thorough, removing nests, eggs, or larvae when necessary and sealing up potential entry points to prevent future problems. We also help with restoration and air purification to ensure your home or business is safe again.

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