AnthonyAnthony Wagner

Anthony is our repair crew leader.  He oversees all repair work and insulation services to make sure all is completed in a fast, efficient manner including that the customer is satisfied and very happy with results. Anthony enjoys camping, fishing and anything to do with the outdoors.






JimJim Exposito

Jim is our General Manager overseeing all operations in the field. He has a certified operators license with the Colorado Department of Ag and has a certified wildlife certificate.  Jim has been in the pest control and wildlife industry for 20 plus years. He prides himself on excellent customer service and makes sure all field personnel are qualified and also represents Critter Control as a positive influence for the company. He is an avid sports fan and enjoys helping people with ridding their homes and property of any insect, rodent or wildlife nuisances.






DavidDavid Meils

David is a certified wildlife specialist and has been with Critter Control for over 10 years. His expertise includes pigeon and bat control. His eagle eye has on more than one occasion prevented customers from having unwanted varmits take up residence in their homes. He enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his family.






Joe Morris

Joe is our pest control specialist. He has a qualified supervisor license with the Colorado Department of Ag and has been doing pest control for over 8 years. He is our go to guy for sparrow control in enclosed buildings such as King Soopers and other warehouses. He is a family man and enjoys camping and outdoor activities with his family.



2011-12-20 20.32.31Derek Boydstun

Derek is our newest employee and is on his way to becoming a great asset to Critter Control. He is trained and proficient in pest control and wildlife control. He is learning to become one of our top repair Tech’s and is well on his way with a good attitude and excellent customer service to becoming a long term employee with great promise. He is interested in hunting and fishing and loves the outdoors.






FredFred Trogdon

Fred is one of our top salesman for Critter Control. His excellent customer service is his greatest asset along with loving his work and assisting customers with their wildlife problems. He is always willing and able to take on any challenge that is put in front of him. He enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his family.






RickRick Railsback

Rick is one of our wildlife/repair technician that has been with the company for just over 4 years. He enjoys his work and always goes the extra mile to make sure each of his customers are well taken care of. He also enjoys working with his hands and can be the life of the party. He enjoys spending time with his family and always willing to lend a helping hand when needed.